Review of my book Holding Out For Skye by Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite


It’s an amazing feeling when someone reads your book and loves it. Look at this awesome review of my book by Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite

“Holding Out for Skye by S.R. McKade is a pure love story. Skye Fletcher and Cian Hunter are destined to fall in love from the first page but their journey is so worth the read. Skye doesn’t like Cian and Cian tries his best to annoy Skye, but little by little that changes. The romance which starts by accident and takes many twists and turns is so very real. Kiera, Tyler, Ash, Nick and Tasha, each having their own romances can’t help, but instantly see that there is love blooming between Skye and Cian. We the readers have the privilege of following along for both the good times and the not so good times, the break-ups, the disagreements, the shopping sprees, the dates, and so much more that makes this story so heartwarming.

S.R. McKade has written two hundred and three pages of love. Holding Out for Skye is a treasure not to be missed. It is a warm and fuzzy love story and impossible to stop reading. I wanted so badly to reach the end and see what really happens to Skye and Cian and I hated that I reached the last page and had to leave all of my new friends behind. If you are a fan of romance, falling in love, and the true meaning of friendship this book is a must read. Holding Out for Skye is a starry-eyed love story winner. I can’t give S.R. McKade enough kudos for this book. I look anxiously forward to reading more from S.R. McKade and have placed Holding Out for Skye on my favorite love story book list.”

Despair, Depression – Give up or Fight back?

What is Despair? A state in which all hope is lost or absent. Depression? A mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity; Sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy. 

Despair and depression grab you by the throat and slowly strangle the life out of you. They make you blind to the bright colors in your life so that all you can see is gray. A cold lifeless gray. It can be so seductive, so easy to surrender to it. 

What brought on this topic you may ask? I was thinking how a lot of us, potential writers and closet writers, are discouraged in writing, in following our dreams. You want to be a writer and people tell you it’s a pipe dream, give it up. Others tell you that you’re wasting time, give it up. More believe it’s just a hobby you’re fooling around with, that you’ll give it up soon enough. And there are those who laugh at you and believe you could never write anything worth reading and advise you to give it up. 

Those three words again: Give It Up. They go round and round in your head until they’re all you can see. And discouraged, you decide it was a foolish dream to start with after all and you GIVE IT UP. Then you go through your whole life incomplete and without hope, your life as gray as you are inside, devoid of the bright colors that spark up your soul.

How many of us fight through despair, depression every day? Through the loss of hope, through disappointment? 

The key to dealing with despair and depression is to not quit. NEVER give up on yourself. People might bring you down but believe in yourself. It’s the most powerful tool you could ever have – self-belief. 


Fight for what you want. Give yourself a pep talk. Be your own inspiration, your own warrior.

Exercise frequently – believe me, it helps to have a physical outlet for all the frustration, disappointment, sadness bubbling inside of you. I recommend swimming if you can, it clears your head.

Relax with your favorite movie or TV show. All this helps in strengthening you for the obstacles in your life. 

Dream as big as you want, because dreams are what keep our souls alive. So long as your dreams are legal and don’t hurt anyone, of course. 

Whatever you want to do, be it to write, to sing, to tame lions and sharks, go for it. Make a start somewhere. Try. Even if you fail, at least you’ll know you did your best. That you tried. Do it for yourself, not for others. The moment you start, something inside you unfolds and everything in your world shifts and becomes clearer. You have purpose in your life. 

There will be days you will be so full of hope you’ll be bursting with it. Anything will seem possible.

And there will be days when life cuts you to small pieces and you will feel like you can’t get up. Those days I like to stay in bed but of course I can’t. You have to get up, keep going, keep enduring, keep fighting. If you don’t fight back, you’re just lying there in the middle of the road and telling the bus of life to run you over. 

Treasure those days of hope and keep fighting on. Start now! 

Best of luck!

S.R. McKade


Is there anything worse than a blank page? I remember reading somewhere once—there’s nothing more scarier than a blank page to a writer. I can’t recall where I saw it or who wrote it but they were right. I look at this new page and all I can think is—where do I start?

Blank pages can be so hard. They’d stare at you with all that whiteness and then you’d think, If I was scared of the dark before, well, that fear just got replaced by white.

You’ve got all these ideas blooming in your head and you don’t where or how to start.

But I say, you gotta look at that white page and say, “Look at all those possibilities. They’re infinite. All the colors I can fill that white with, the color of my words.”

Freddie Stroma’s song “Possibilities” comes to mind: “All these possibilities, so many little possibilities…” (Listen to it if you haven’t, the lyrics are awesome, plus he’s got a great voice)

The only way to get over a blank page is to write. Write a line, a paragraph, even just a few words. Just write. Jot down whatever jumbled thought comes to mind. It can be something deeply moving and so inspirational that you couldn’t believe you’d wrote that. Or could it be gibberish. It doesn’t matter. It got you over the blank page, didn’t it?

Sometimes you have to go with your gut and just write whatever scene you can see in your mind at that moment. It could be the total opposite of what you’ve been writing or it could be like ten chapters behind what you started but you’d see it so clearly that it just comes out right.

So, put on your armor and go face that white page.

Happy Writing!

S.R. McKade