Is there anything worse than a blank page? I remember reading somewhere once—there’s nothing more scarier than a blank page to a writer. I can’t recall where I saw it or who wrote it but they were right. I look at this new page and all I can think is—where do I start?

Blank pages can be so hard. They’d stare at you with all that whiteness and then you’d think, If I was scared of the dark before, well, that fear just got replaced by white.

You’ve got all these ideas blooming in your head and you don’t where or how to start.

But I say, you gotta look at that white page and say, “Look at all those possibilities. They’re infinite. All the colors I can fill that white with, the color of my words.”

Freddie Stroma’s song “Possibilities” comes to mind: “All these possibilities, so many little possibilities…” (Listen to it if you haven’t, the lyrics are awesome, plus he’s got a great voice)

The only way to get over a blank page is to write. Write a line, a paragraph, even just a few words. Just write. Jot down whatever jumbled thought comes to mind. It can be something deeply moving and so inspirational that you couldn’t believe you’d wrote that. Or could it be gibberish. It doesn’t matter. It got you over the blank page, didn’t it?

Sometimes you have to go with your gut and just write whatever scene you can see in your mind at that moment. It could be the total opposite of what you’ve been writing or it could be like ten chapters behind what you started but you’d see it so clearly that it just comes out right.

So, put on your armor and go face that white page.

Happy Writing!

S.R. McKade



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