Breathe a little

Do you ever feel as if the whole world’s upon your shoulders, like this big weight on your chest and you feel like you can’t breathe? You feel tired, listless, exhausted. Drained. Devoid of all energy.

Even the littlest things feel like they take too much effort.

Every second that passes, feels like an hour. The days seem to creep by slowly without any sense of accomplishment. Or they go by too fast so you can’t seem to make sense of them. These feelings come and go. But before they go away again, it’s a hellish time trying to cope.

So, my experience has been this: Breathe a little. Sometimes we forget to just breathe. To take a deep breath and let out all the tension. To just stop and smell the flowers. Corny, I know but oh, so effective.

Take a day off – blow it away on your version of fun. My idea of smelling the flowers is to watch a cool movie, or TV show or curl up with a good book where I can lose myself in a different world.

Trust me – afterwards, you’ll be revitalized. And your soul will thank you for the much needed break.

So, breathe a little!





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