So little time, so many books to read…

I wish there were more hours to a day, more days to a month, more months to a year. I wish we’d never grow old. lol

I think even if time were infinite, it would still not be enough. There would still be more and more books. Thank God. *Falls down on knees, sends up a heartfelt prayer and millions of thanks to all authors for the gift of their books to the world.*


I wish I could live forever… just so I could read the thousands of books I want to read. Books are such a wonder, for me – they’ve always been a miracle, holding the power to transport me to so many different worlds, the power to make me walk in another person’s shoes, the power to feel thousands of feelings. 

I think after I’m dead, I’ll be an earthbound spirit and haunt the libraries of the world. So just a warning, that cold gossamer-like feeling on your arm at the library – that was probably me brushing up against you in my spectral form, on my way to read yet another book.

Happy Reading!

S.R. McKade


4 thoughts on “So little time, so many books to read…

  1. I love this! And I completely understand. I wish it were possible to take a week (maybe a month or year even) and ignore life for the sake of reading. There are so many good stories out there just waiting to be read and heard. It always saddens me to think that I’ll never be able to read everything I want to. I’ll settle for being a library ghost with you! 🙂


    • Thanks. I could totally use a ghost buddy. Lol. I know, right! Me too. I’ve been trying to read all those books I added to my List-To-Read over the years and the thought crossed my mind that I might never be able to read them all. It made me a bit sad and I guess, that’s how this post started.


  2. It’s definitely a constant exercise of prioritization and re-prioritization, balancing the old greats and the new lit. But it’s nice to have all the choices, too!



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