A Writer’s World vs. A Writer’s Mind

A Writer’s World

The world of a writer can be such a lonely place. It’s like you’re in a bubble all alone and you can’t connect with anyone else. It’s not as if there aren’t people around you, there are – but they don’t understand you or your need to write instead of going to that party or going to visit relatives or closing yourself in your room, so you can – yes, write. What else?

It’s hard trying to reach out to people when every time you do – they give you this annoyed or ‘you’re-crazy’ look because all you do is talk about the characters in your mind and that story plot you’re hatching.

A Writer’s Mind

But ah, a writer’s mind! A writer’s mind is never lonely. Crowded, to be exact. All those people and their troubles and their happy moments, their lives clamoring to be heard, to be written. People might think me crazy or weird or loony, lol, but my mind’s never a lonely place. It’s constantly buzzing, with all these images flashing through, all the thousands of emotions I experience through my characters.

I might meet someone who would annoy the hell out of me and Skye would be there right beside me, telling me that person doesn’t deserve our time. Or I’d be having a sarcastic moment and both Skye and Cian would be zinging barbs with me.

Or the unexpected kindness from someone would totally surprise and touch me and Skye would feel it too, though of course, she’d pretend it doesn’t affect her.

There are others there with me, along with Cian and Skye (if you’ve read my bookΒ Holding Out For Skye, you’ll know who they are) whom I hope one day the world will know them too.

No matter how lonely my life could ever be, I would never trade my stories for anything in the world. They are part of me, like the color of my eyes. They are who I am.

It’s the best feeling in the world.


S.R. McKade


12 thoughts on “A Writer’s World vs. A Writer’s Mind

  1. When I write, I totally go into a place of my own. I live n my head during the entire time. I’m lucky my family and friends understand this and still offer me support when I turn into a bit of a hermit πŸ˜€


  2. I’ve just started doing some “serious” writing, at least I hope I have, and I am finding that I do need a lot of time alone. And when the characters speak to me, I just have to write what they are telling me, even in the middle of the night…which seems to be their favorite time to chat! Thanks for the post, so well put!


    • You’re welcome. I know what you mean. I’d be falling asleep and then the dialogues would start in my head and I would have to sit up to write them before I forgot. Seriously, they don’t know when to sleep, those characters! πŸ™‚



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