Your Place In This World

In the thousands or so books I’ve read, there are many that have captured a piece of my heart in one way or the other. I find myself thinking of one such book today where something the author wrote, struck a chord deep inside me:  “Some people find the golden ring swimming in their cereal in the morning, slip it on their finger and go skipping through life. And others drop it in the sand at the beach and spend the rest of their life digging to get it back.” — quoted from the book Her Valentine Blind Date by Raye Morgan

Do you ever question your place in this world? Why you do what you do? Whether anything you do has an impact or whether you’re a tiny meaningless drop in a never-ending ocean.  Or do you put on your golden ring and go skipping through life, confident of who you are and your place in this world? 

For me, on good days I love writing, love it that I have stories in my mind that give my life color and meaning. On bad days, I wonder what’s the point to it all? I wonder why the hell I write, who the hell I am. 

Who am I? (I sound like Jackie Chan in his movie Who am I?) What is my identity? One day I might be a sweet, generous kind-hearted soul (Hard to believe, I know, but I have my moments – stop laughing, Tyler!), the next day I might be a sarcastic narcissistic person (this one’s more believable and who I am most of the time), another day I might be mean and unforgiving (Yeah, totally me), happy and cheerful (Okay, another rare one), moody and selfish, bitter and perpetually unsatisfied. 

Perfect in my imperfections

In my best buddy Tyler’s opinion, I’m a psychotic sociopath with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and I should be committed. His opinion’s usually gold and he’s nine times out of ten, right on the money (But don’t tell him that). Alas, that’s the affliction of a writer. The MPD’s a given since we have so many personalities living inside of us, demanding their hour of stardom. 

only a writer

But you know what? Even if you feel you don’t have a place in this world, you feel like you don’t belong anywhere, that you’re dispensable—you’re NOT. Yes, you’re a drop in that big ocean but your tiny drop can cause ripples which touch others and even you won’t know what kind of cosmic reaction will occur from it. Maybe you won’t know it now, maybe not ever. But the people whose lives you’ll touch will know. 

We all belong somewhere, we all have our place. We just need to keep searching until we find it—if you don’t search for something how can you hope to find it? Nothing ever falls in our laps. Everything would be so easy if it did. But the fun and wonder would be gone. Life would be bland. 

glittering eyes

Tragedy, strive, disappointment, sorrow, happen for the simple reason to teach us, to make us grow as a human being. You can’t grow without change. And change doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Even bad change has a purpose. 

You just have to keep faith and keep believing. Stay strong and keep your head up. Keep your heart strong. Sure, your heart might get a few knocks along the way, but that’s what it means to live, not just surviving but to actually live. If your glass house breaks into pieces, rebuild—rebuild stronger than ever. 

And you’ll be one step closer to the niche created just for you. 

All the best,

S.R. McKade


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