Review – Stiltskin by Andrew Buckley


4 Stars

“Dunno, screamed un shouted but ah dint tek no notice fer a while. Screamin ain’t not usual ere. Aftur a week sorta figured he wuz serias.”
“Ome sweat ome,” drooled the Troll.”

LOL. Absolutely chuckle-worthy and one of the most original plot-lines I’ve ever read. Andrew Buckley did a marvelous job creating suspense so engrossing the story kept me hooked until the last page. Very clever portraying of the characters and the world depicted in it. I loved all the characters – there was just something about each of them I liked. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The Mad Hatter sounded almost sane in his insanity. Very well-written.



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