Defining Moment

Going through a hard time in your life, facing a trauma – can either make you or – break you. You’re the only one who can decide which option you will choose.

It helps when you have people who care about you there to hold your hand, to tell you it’s gonna be fine, to help abate the fear. But in the middle of the night, there’s only you and your fear. When worry eats at you and you’re unable to sleep.

Fear. Your worst enemy. Fear takes away the masks we wear to protect ourselves, leaving us vulnerable and defenseless. Fear is the dark bottomless pit waiting to swallow you whole.

You can either decide to fold under your fear or stand tall and rise up to it. That’s the moment that defines you, who you are, who you choose to be.

Maybe it’s because I’m going through something similar or maybe it was watching Warehouse 13’s last episode, which emphasized on defining moments, that brought this on.

All I can say is when you face your fear and go through your traumatic experience without folding under it, you come out of it stronger.

So don’t fold. Don’t let your fear control you. Face it.

Choose to become stronger.


S.R. McKade

Nominated for Liebster Award! ME!! I mean, my blog. Wow.

So for my Saturday morning surprise, I got nominated for the Liebster Award. Color me shocked! I knuckled my eyes, checked my phone again, and I saw that I had indeed been nominated for the Liebster Award by the cool Digvijay Singta with his amazing blog Random Access Memories.


The next minute my jaw dropped and my eyes bugged – I looked like an alien – then I gathered my dignity and grinned like an idiot. Thanks for nominating me, Digvijay Singta and congrats for your own nomination. You have a great blog.

Now then, I have the sacred duty to follow the basic rules for the Liebster Award:

1. Thank the blogger who gives it to you. (Done! Thanks again Digvijay Singta!)

2. Answer the eleven questions he/she asks. 

3. Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers.

4. Ask these eleven bloggers eleven questions.

5. Let these eleven bloggers know that they have been nominated.

Here are the eleven questions my nominator required me (the nominee, yay!), to answer:

Q.1. To you, blogging is ____________________?

Ans: At first, it started as a way to get some exposure for my book, Holding Out For Skye. I had never blogged before and I was quite nervous. But then I got to know the amazing blogging community and blogging became a way for me to have some fun and a way to spread some hope and sunshine lol. It’s a way for me to share my thoughts and hope others benefit from it.

Q.2. If you were a billionaire, the first you would do would be?

Ans: Easy-peasy!! I would quit my job and finish the books I’ve started without worrying about having to earn a salary to pay the bills.

Q.3. Your favorite Network Shows or Sitcom, if any. Or one that you would wanna watch.

Ans: Favorite shows (some are old but I still watch them on DVDs) – Warehouse 13, Almost Human, Intelligence, Marvel Agents of SHIELD, The Originals, Arrow, The Tomorrow People, The Vampire Diaries, Baby Daddy, Melissa & Joey. Old ones that I’ve watched all the seasons at least twice lol – Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Sabrina The Teenage Witch. What can I say? I’m a TV show addict. 🙂

Q.4. What does freedom mean to you?

Ans: Being able to lose myself in a book.

Q.5. What is that One thing you almost cannot live without during the day?

Ans: My Kindle. I’m a certified bookworm and can’t live without my ebook reader. If I spend too long without reading, I go into withdrawal and trust me, it is NOT A PRETTY SIGHT. lol

Q.6. Friends or Family?

Ans: Friends and some family 🙂

Q.7. Are you an Evolutionary or a Creationist?

Ans: Neither. I’m just Weird. 🙂

Q.8. Name one place where you could spend all your life

Ans: I don’t know. I haven’t found that place yet.

Q.9. Which sports team do you share your interests with?

Ans: None really. When I was younger, I was a Liverpool fan – Michael Owen’s so cute, lol. Plus I have a tendency to root for the underdog but now I just watch a variety of sports as they come up. I like basketball, ice skating, tennis.

Q.10. One memory from childhood that makes you go laughing like mad men.

Ans: My mind just went blank. I can’t remember from childhood but I’ve had a lot of moments like that as an adult while reading my favorite mangas Skip Beat and Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume (Happy Cafe). That reminds me – I need to read  Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume again. I miss Uru, Ichirou and Shindou.

Q.11. What is the best bodily feature you possess?

Ans: You’ll have to tell me when we meet. 🙂

And next comes the nomination of eleven blogs I admire (Drum-roll please). Most of them are book blogs and reviewers who in my opinion deserve a lot of recognition for the amazing job they do to promote authors out there. They love books yes, but they take the time to do reviews for books and if you ask any author, they deserve a lot of credit for spreading the word about our books.

Here are my eleven nominees for the Liebster Award for being one of the coolest blogs I’ve seen:

1. Pretty Little Pages for:

2. Moonrise Book Blog for:

3. Pink Avenger Prime for:

4. Electively Paige for:

5. Life of A Random for:

6. Harlie’s Books for:

7. A TiffyFit’s Reading Corner for:

8. Cajun Book Lover for:

9. Leti Del Mar for:

10. Tianna’s Blog of Books & Music for:

11. Pursuit of a Joyful Life for:

So my fellow nominees, here are the eleven questions for you as per the Liebster Award rules. Answer them as you like. 🙂 Remember, the important thing is to have fun and don’t forget to post the Liebster Award on your own blog!

Q1 – What made you start your blog?

Q2 – What’s your favorite book/author and why?

Q3 – Do you listen to music and if yes, what’s your preference?

Q4 – How does listening to music make you feel?

Q5 – What’s your pet peeve?

Q6 – I’m an eclectic reader. What about you, are you picky or will you try anything that looks interesting?

Q7 – Are you a “Wakey, wakey, sunshine, it’s morning” person or a “Go Away, pulling-covers-over-head It’s still early” one?

Q8 – What language do you wish you were fluent in?

Q9 – If there’s one country you could visit, which one would it be?

Q10 – Do you like the sound of the rain and if so, how does it make you feel?

Q11 – If you could be anywhere right now, where would you wanna be and why?

Thanks again to my nominator for nominating me 🙂 and for giving me this opportunity to nominate some of my favorite blogs!

Have fun, my nominees!


S.R. McKade

Review – Heart Shaped Rock by Laura Roppe

21902780Genre: Young Adult

Review: 5 of 5 stars

Release Date: 16 May 2014

This book hooked me in so deeply I read it in one sitting. It was so captivating, I couldn’t bear to pull away from it. The author’s writing is witty, funny, and thoughtful.

Heart Shaped Rock is about a young girl — a young woman really, because anyone who’s dealt with grief knows that it forces you to grow up fast — and how she deals with the heartbreaking loss of her mother to cancer at such a tender age, how she fights to hold the grief at bay, to try to feel normal again. To not miss her mother so much that she feels lost without her. To heal.

It’s about how a teenager’s life can be fraught with pitfalls and as complicated as an adult’s. I felt for Shaynee and I could relate to her and her family, picking up the pieces of their lives after her mother’s death. The cute and sweet little brother, the father who’s lost without the love of his life and wondering how to keep going on, how to be there for his two children.

One of the most emotional and deeply heartfelt books I’ve ever read. Not to mention, the songs were awesome and are now currently gracing my mp3 player. The author wrote amazing lyrics. I absolutely loved the songs ‘Cobalt Blue’ and ‘Heart Shaped Rock’. I enjoyed all the characters in this story, how the author made them so vivid, so real. I loved Dean, how charismatic and caring he was.

And the emotion, oh it just jumped out of each page! I laughed and I cried and I felt. You know how when you listen to a good song and it affects you so deeply that goosebumps break out on your skin, or you cry from feeling so much? That’s what Heart Shaped Rock is – one long heartfelt song. This book is for everyone who has been through the loss of someone special and who knows how hard the road to healing can be – some days you’re okay and others you just lapse again. For anyone who appreciates a story with emotion so well-portrayed, it seems to leap out of the page. Kudos to the author for creating such an amazing story.

Highly Recommended.

Review – Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John

7818683Genre: Young Adult

Review: 5 of 5 Stars

An absolutely terrific, well-written story. I loved it. The title and cover hooked me first, I remember thinking – “Awesome cover. And what a clever title!”

Being a teenager can be hard, trying to fit in, finding your own place in this world, figuring out WHO you really are. Added to that emotional turmoil – your deafness and you have to work twice as hard, fight even more to make people ‘see’ you, who you are and not be defined by your inability to hear.

Being deaf makes you more and not less. This book shows how Piper learns what really matters and figures out who she is, how to make sense of the world around her, find her place in it and realize her own self-worth. That she can be the amazing person she is to have the courage to stand up for her friends and to know how to grab on to love when she finally sees it was right there for her all along.

I loved everything about this book, not to mention how the author added little plot twists that kept you guessing. Amazing plot-line and excellent writing.

What type of writer are you…

What type of writer are you? Hey, that sentence brings to mind a word that fits us writers, typewriter! Wow, when I think of the age before computers when writers use to slave away on typewriters, I feel a world of gratitude for technology. *hugs laptop and promises to buy you a cute little new program or cool tech thingie, baby* lol 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, so what type of writer are you? Do you focus doggedly on your one story until your brain leaks out of your head, (Ewwww!) or do you take breaks and try your hand at those other stories fighting for supremacy in your head? Sorta like sampling other foods on your plate. 

Are you the determined, focused type to work on your one story and get it done or are you the type of person who can juggle various stories at once? 

I fall in the second category. Okay I admit it, I’m a slob. Okay maybe part-slob, lol. I’m half of a mess, half of a well-ordained writer. I free-fall, go with the flow, and I plan at the same time. (Wow, I’m weird. Cool!) I juggle, I multitask. I can’t be any other way. I tried focusing on only one story once and not think about the others but it lasted all of half a day. (Wow, I can’t believe I lasted that long!) It got so crowded in my head, I was seriously thinking about accepting that admission letter from the Looney Bin. 


So in my slobby, messy world, I choose a story as the primary – that’s the one I work on day and night and keep going on through the slogs. Then there are the secondary stories, other stories I might have ideas to work on at a later date. I might be in the bus, or stuffing my face with pizza with extra jalapenos (God, I love pizza!) or be doing some completely mundane thing – and a scene or dialogue from one of those secondary stories would just pop in my head. 

If my laptop’s nearby, I’d grab and write down the scene before I lose it, or I grab my trusty phone and jot down the ideas or dialogues before I forget them. I call them my little breaks, which take me away from my primary story. Stepping away for a while kind of put things back into perspective. 

So how to be counterproductive and finish that novel you’re working on? I say DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Some work better when they focus solely on one story, whereas others juggle. You just gotta find that right balance for you. 

Good Luck in your endeavors. 


S.R. McKade