What type of writer are you…

What type of writer are you? Hey, that sentence brings to mind a word that fits us writers, typewriter! Wow, when I think of the age before computers when writers use to slave away on typewriters, I feel a world of gratitude for technology. *hugs laptop and promises to buy you a cute little new program or cool tech thingie, baby* lol 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, so what type of writer are you? Do you focus doggedly on your one story until your brain leaks out of your head, (Ewwww!) or do you take breaks and try your hand at those other stories fighting for supremacy in your head? Sorta like sampling other foods on your plate. 

Are you the determined, focused type to work on your one story and get it done or are you the type of person who can juggle various stories at once? 

I fall in the second category. Okay I admit it, I’m a slob. Okay maybe part-slob, lol. I’m half of a mess, half of a well-ordained writer. I free-fall, go with the flow, and I plan at the same time. (Wow, I’m weird. Cool!) I juggle, I multitask. I can’t be any other way. I tried focusing on only one story once and not think about the others but it lasted all of half a day. (Wow, I can’t believe I lasted that long!) It got so crowded in my head, I was seriously thinking about accepting that admission letter from the Looney Bin. 


So in my slobby, messy world, I choose a story as the primary – that’s the one I work on day and night and keep going on through the slogs. Then there are the secondary stories, other stories I might have ideas to work on at a later date. I might be in the bus, or stuffing my face with pizza with extra jalapenos (God, I love pizza!) or be doing some completely mundane thing – and a scene or dialogue from one of those secondary stories would just pop in my head. 

If my laptop’s nearby, I’d grab and write down the scene before I lose it, or I grab my trusty phone and jot down the ideas or dialogues before I forget them. I call them my little breaks, which take me away from my primary story. Stepping away for a while kind of put things back into perspective. 

So how to be counterproductive and finish that novel you’re working on? I say DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Some work better when they focus solely on one story, whereas others juggle. You just gotta find that right balance for you. 

Good Luck in your endeavors. 


S.R. McKade


4 thoughts on “What type of writer are you…

  1. Great post! 😀 It’s amazing how different people are in their styles. I think I lean more towards concentrating on one book but I also tend to wander off and find bits of dialogue or plot of other stories too lol.



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