Review – The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower #2) by Stephen King

DT 2
The Second Volume in the Epic Dark Tower Series… The Drawing of the Three While pursuing his quest for the Dark Tower through a world that is a nightmarishly distorted mirror image of our own, Roland is drawn through a mysterious door that brings him into contemporary America. Here he links forces with the defiant young Eddie Dean, and with the beautiful, brilliant, and brave Odetta Holmes, in a savage struggle against underworld evil and otherworldly enemies. Once again, Stephen King has masterfully interwoven dark, evocative fantasy and icy realism.

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Review: 5 of 5 Stars

The first book – The Gunslinger – was just a sort of preview of what’s to come – if a book as long as each volume is could be called a preview, lol. The second book details how Roland draws the two necessary elements for his quest into his world.

The lobstrosities always did freak me out a bit. The first time I read this book I was younger and when I’d go to the beach I’d check if there weren’t any lobstrosities coming out to get me. To think those things came out of someone’s imagination. In a world where things on paper’d come alive, those things would definitely top my creep-me-out list.

But I digress. I enjoyed this second volume very much, even more than the first and I got hooked deeper in Roland’s quest. His two companions are total unexpected surprises but as Roland says, each one’s a gunslinger in his/her own right.

And of course, Mr. King’s strategies and action-packed scenes are so totally cool! I loved everything about this second volume, especially the very satisfying climax.

In the first book, Roland’s choice disappointed me but this time he was my hero once again, with how he set things right.

Highly recommended.





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