Hats Off to Book Review Bloggers

As a die-hard reader of fiction, you have so many book categories to choose from, e.g.—Middle Grade (MG), Young Adult (YA), New Adult (NA) and Adult. Then there are the numerous sub-genres for each main category: Romance, Comedy, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Dystopian, Horror, Thriller etc.

Not to forget the poem and non-fiction books and Manga, of course. Can’t forget my beloved Manga now, can I?

Are you a dabbler in each genre or are you someone who’s comfortable in one specific genre? Do you venture in the unknown, outside your comfort zone or prefer to stick to what you know?

Me, I admit it, I’m a dabbler—an eclectic reader who reads pretty much everything. I believe there is something worthy in every book I read, that each one enriches me, who I am, in some way, even books that I end up not liking. I wish others would also dabble because that would mean they’d grab my book with hot little hands *hint, hint*

That’s just me—I want to change the world to my vision of it *Ahem, world-domination issues, I know*

But I don’t begrudge others for having a specific taste. A reader’s preferences are their own and are very, very personal. That’s how it should be. Books are supposed to be something you love and not an obligation you have to fulfill.

If reading became an obligation, it would take out all the fun in it—the sense of wonder, the endless myriad of emotions a story pulls out of you—pain, fear, laughter, horror, anticipation, heartache, tears, hope, joy.

So Indie and Self-published authors, don’t condemn the people who don’t love your book. Don’t lose heart when they give you a one-star or negative review. Maybe your book wasn’t to their taste but it doesn’t mean that others won’t like it. At the very least, take comfort that they actually read it to give you the bad review. You can’t force someone to like a book—it’s always their choice, as it should be.

And that brings me to the Book Review Bloggers around the world who have such a wide taste in reading and take so much time and effort to read books and give reviews. I, personally, am in awe of them, of their dedication and just wanted to say thanks.

Book Review Bloggers are the ones who put our names out there and deserve our courtesy and respect. So, hats off and a big thanks for all your hard work and the awesome blogs you have.


S.R. McKade


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