Waiting is one of the hardest, strenuous things in life. Waiting for the stuff you bought on Ebay to finally get here already. Waiting for that promotion you’re tirelessly working for, night and day. Waiting for an agent or publishing house to reply back and not just with any response, mind you—a positive one.

Waiting to get started on that project you’ve been yearning for since forever. Waiting for things to go your damn way for once. Waiting for news of a loved one at the hospital. Waiting for the One to finally show up on his freaking horse and ride off with you in the sunset.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting’s one of most damnedest, nerve-racking, trying things—on your mind, your emotions, your health. Hardest on your soul.

I’m one of the most impatient persons in the whole damn world. And patience—don’t get me started on freaking patience—is so not a virtue. I wish I had the patience of a monk, one of those Buddhist monks for example who seem to have an unending well of patience. How do they do it? Trust in a higher power? Ye Gods, they can wait forever.

However, even though Patience is not a virtue, Impatience has one big downside. By wishing for things to happen faster, you lose something very special. The ability to savor life as it goes by, to appreciate every moment that comes, be it good or bad. Because once time slips by, it never comes back again, unless you have a time-travelling machine, of course. Or if you were a hot, totally cool vampire who had all the time in the world.

Isn’t there any vampire out there who’d turn me into one and offer me eternal life, please?

Oh, the things I could do if I had all the time in the world. Waiting would be a breeze. Ah well, one human life is all we get and we have to make most of it.

Live it well.


S.R. McKade