Dream = Hope

“I have spread my dreams under your feet.
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”
― W.B. Yeats

What are we without dreams? Often, I ask myself why I write, why I keep at it even in view of criticism and negative reviews. I know the answer, even when discouragement makes me question myself again and again.

The answer—I write because I have stories to tell, stories that won’t let my mind rest, stories that need to be told. Words have power. And by writing the stories in my head, I bring them to life. Give them power.

Of course, I want to write a bestseller, touch thousands of lives, maybe make them better. What writer doesn’t? But I write because I have to.

We wake, work, do what needs to be done, deal with our responsibilities and obligations, go to sleep at nightsome, exhausted. Others, restless, unable to sleep with our busy thoughts or worries keeping us up. And we wake up to do it all another day, and another.

Food, water, exercise and work feed our body, education our mind.

Dreams feed our soul. They are what give rise to music and books. To art. 
“Dreams nourish the soul just as food nourishes the body. The pleasure of the search and of adventure feeds our dreams.”
― Paulo Coelho

Without dreams, a soul can wither because there is no hope. What are we without hope but hollow shells?

I wonder sometimes if dreams aren’t what give us courage—the courage to face the hurdles of our lives day after day. I believe even in the hardest times of our lives, we should have dreams, for they give us hope. Hope for a better future.

S.R. McKade


Change. The wind brings whispers of new times to come.

And no, it’s not the ending of this year and the beginning of the next that’s brought this on. Although, a New Year can be a cause for a lot of changes—everyone has their New Year resolutions.

But I’m talking about how change affects us. Some people easily embrace change while others fear it. Change can be good or bad. It’s as much about losing as gaining because often you have to give up something to gain something new. The key is whether you want it badly enough to accept the loss.

If you look at change as something abnormal, then you will be afraid. We are prone to fear the unknown. It’s part of being human.

This quote from the Bible always gives me some comfort and the ability to be strong:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Change happens for a reason. Either it’s a blessing or a lesson. You can be afraid but letting the fear overtake you will only incapacitate you. But coping with it in spite of being afraid, that’s courage.

You know what the only way to deal with change is? By looking for that silver lining. Looking for the good in the bad. A positive attitude may not solve all your problems but it sure gives you a boost to keep you standing and moving on when things aren’t going well.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed but it’s not okay to let changes in your life roll over you. Like the familiar proverb, “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

So, peeps, stand strong like an unbeatable tree and face whatever change is coming your way.


S.R. McKade

Listlessness  – The Enemy of Writing

The various voices in your head clamoring to be heard, ensure that your mind is never a quiet place. Wait, I’m not insane – don’t rush off to get me committed! I’m a writer.

Now that we’ve avoided me getting committed, let’s get back to writing. In spite of the wonder of those voices, writing is more often than not, a lonely job. At the end of it all, you’re the one who has to sit there and bring your stories to life with your words.

On good days, it’s the best thing in the world. On bad days… you wonder what possessed you to write. What insanity took you over to put your fingers over your keyboard and type away. Or lift a pen and write.

On those horrible days when listlessness plagues you like a thick, sticky sludge wrapping around you and dragging you down, it feels as if life has no purpose. As if you’re in a bubble where nothing interests you and nothing can touch your emotions. You couldn’t care less what happens to you or your writing.

In one way, not caring can be a blessing when you’re waiting to hear back from agents. If you don’t care, rejections can’t touch you. But then that just means listlessness has its hooks deep in you and there’s no way it’s letting you go. That thick gook again. (Ooh, I like saying the word ‘gook’ – it’s a synonym for ‘sludge’.)

A friend told me that listlessness is a state of the mind. Only you can pull yourself out of that gook/sludge. The best way I know how to, is to force yourself to be active. You might not feel like doing anything but you gotta do what you don’t want to.

It’s the only way to fight it. When listlessness grabs hold of you, writing gets hard. Sticking with it takes effort and courage.

So stick with it. You’ll be better for it.


S.R. McKade

Defining Moment

Going through a hard time in your life, facing a trauma – can either make you or – break you. You’re the only one who can decide which option you will choose.

It helps when you have people who care about you there to hold your hand, to tell you it’s gonna be fine, to help abate the fear. But in the middle of the night, there’s only you and your fear. When worry eats at you and you’re unable to sleep.

Fear. Your worst enemy. Fear takes away the masks we wear to protect ourselves, leaving us vulnerable and defenseless. Fear is the dark bottomless pit waiting to swallow you whole.

You can either decide to fold under your fear or stand tall and rise up to it. That’s the moment that defines you, who you are, who you choose to be.

Maybe it’s because I’m going through something similar or maybe it was watching Warehouse 13’s last episode, which emphasized on defining moments, that brought this on.

All I can say is when you face your fear and go through your traumatic experience without folding under it, you come out of it stronger.

So don’t fold. Don’t let your fear control you. Face it.

Choose to become stronger.


S.R. McKade

Review – Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John

7818683Genre: Young Adult

Review: 5 of 5 Stars

An absolutely terrific, well-written story. I loved it. The title and cover hooked me first, I remember thinking – “Awesome cover. And what a clever title!”

Being a teenager can be hard, trying to fit in, finding your own place in this world, figuring out WHO you really are. Added to that emotional turmoil – your deafness and you have to work twice as hard, fight even more to make people ‘see’ you, who you are and not be defined by your inability to hear.

Being deaf makes you more and not less. This book shows how Piper learns what really matters and figures out who she is, how to make sense of the world around her, find her place in it and realize her own self-worth. That she can be the amazing person she is to have the courage to stand up for her friends and to know how to grab on to love when she finally sees it was right there for her all along.

I loved everything about this book, not to mention how the author added little plot twists that kept you guessing. Amazing plot-line and excellent writing.